Grays Harbor Counseling

Before your first therapy session, please print out and complete the forms for new clients and bring them with you. If you are unable to print the forms out, please let me know ahead of time. In this case, I ask that you arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to our first session and I will arrange to have the forms ready for you to complete when you arrive.

The Client Intake Summary Form will provide me with information about your past and current life situation which may be relevant to your reason for seeking counseling. The Disclosure Statement is essentially a contract, which explains your legal rights and gives you the opportunity, by signing, to agree upon the terms of counseling.

A good place to start your healing journey is to identify goals. The Counseling Preparation form and Goals of Counseling form are available to guide you along this process. Thinking about goals and writing them down enables you to attach more meaning to your desires and results in a higher level of motivation. The process of goal setting will also allow you to track your progress and review your work.

Forms for New Clients

Forms for Continuing Clients (optional)

Confidential Client Intake Summary FormAdult Intake Summary  (required) Counseling Preparation FormCounseling Preparation
Goals of Counseling FormGoals of Counseling  (optional) Grays Harbor Counseling Email PolicyEmail Policy
Counselor Disclosure Statement FormCounselor Disclosure Statement Form  (required) Grays Harbor Counseling Social Media PolicySocial Media Policy

Child Forms

Adolescent Forms (Ages 13-17)

Child Intake FormChild Intake (required) Adolescent Intake Form, to be completed by adolescentAdolescent Intake (required)
Consent for Counseling Services to Minors FormConsent for Counseling Services to Minors  (required) Parental Agreement for Confidentiality of Adolescent SessionsParental Agreement for Adolescent Sessions  (required)

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